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you’re having a great 2014 so far – Spring has to be here soon!  The purpose of this blog is to give you as
much information on what’s going on in the City of  New Haven as
possible. AND, I’d appreciate feedback on the issues we’re dealing
with.  There is rarely an issue where there aren’t two sides involved.  I
want to make decisions that represent District 3’s residents and what’s
best for New Haven.  You can comment on the
articles, or bring up issues of your own. The blog is moderated (comments won’t appear instantly) and
we won’t allow personal attacks, or nonsense.  You can visit the blog
at any time (www.craigdellinger.com), or you can subscribe. When you subscribe
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can also email me personally at cdellinger@newhavenin.org or call my
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Happenings at City Council . . .

The most controversial ordinance now being discussed is about Portable Storage Containers. We had issues in the past where residences would have a storage container in their driveways for over a year. This inconvenienced their neighbors and was an eyesore. The proposed ordinance would limit the number of days the containers can be used, and the engineering department would have to approve the placement. When the ordinance was first proposed, it included sections that affected commercial and industrial sites also. A business could apply for a zoning variance which would allow them to use whatever number of containers they need. This variance would cost $300.00 and require the Board of Zoning Appeals to rule on it. This variance could be stated to last as long as ownership isn’t changed in the business.  The City Council thought that since we hadn’t had any issues (so far) with businesses, we’d remove that section from the ordinance. The Planning Commission came back with a recommendation to leave the business sections in.  That’s where the controversy comes in. Personally, I’d like to have some controls placed on storage units for commercial businesses, but I don’t want to burden the businesses with more taxes and regulations.  We haven’t come to a compromise yet and most likely the ordinance will be approved without the business/commercial section included in it – or voted down entirely. The next vote on this ordinance will be on February 25th.

New addition to be proposed.

This Tuesday night (February 18th), the Planning Commission will hear a proposal to plot a new residential housing addition off of Seiler Road.  The entrance would be directly across the street from the Shoreline Blvd. Ashford Lakes entrance. Originally, the plans for Pinestone included extending Haney Court out towards Seiler Road. There is even a start of the road at the intersection of Haney and Carmondy Crossing.  It would be great to see another housing addition started, but I have a concern. The proposed plan includes abandoning the existing “stub” of Haney Court.  Currently, there is a group home at that intersection. The caregivers have been using this “stub” to park and sometimes there can be six or more vehicles at this residence. The parking situation is already bad and eliminating these parking spaces would make it much worse. Hopefully, they’ll propose a solution to this issue. Even though it’s really not the developer’s problem, it is a big problem for the surrounding residents. If you want to attend the meeting, it starts at 7:00 and is in the City Council Chambers at the City of New Haven Administration Building on Lincoln Highway.

The proposed building site is the lighter green area in this photo.


  1. Craig, I like your blog! What a perfect way for me to keep up with what is going on in New Haven. Thank you for taking the time to update us all. I too, look forward to future posts.

  2. Nice job Craig!
    Look forward to future posts.

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