May Update

Sidewalk/Street Repairs in Scarborough and Arrow Haven

  You might have noticed the spray paint on the sidewalks, streets and curbs in the Lakes of Scarborough and Arrow Haven additions.  The city is planning to re-pave our streets this summer.  The sidwalks are marked because due to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations, the sidewalks have to meet safety standards before we can re-pave the streets. Anywhere there’s more than 1/4″ difference in height, the sidewalk section is determined to be a trip hazard and must be taken out and replaced.
   The marks are for the engineers to locate and draw out the plans. Actual construction should start soon.  After the sidwalks are completed, the streets will be started. They will grind a couple inches off the existing pavement and lay down fresh pavement.  It will be really nice when it’s done. It’s hard to believe some parts of Scarborough are over 28 years old now. I still remember walking into an empty field and trying to picture what Scarborough would look like. Jane and I purchased our home in the first section built. That was 1987. Now there are 388 homes in Scarborough and Ashford Lakes. The goal is to complete Scarborough and Arrow Haven this Summer although it might run into next year’s construction season

Newsletters and Blogs

  Thanks for reading this blog.  I’ll publish it least monthly, but more often if there’s something important going on in New Haven.  A great place for up-to-date information in New Haven is located at Our neighbor Bob Nelson publishes this internet newsletter. It’s full of local stories, photos and school information. I’ve made it a habit to check it every morning.

Garage Sales Coming Up Soon

  The annual Lakes of Scarborough and Ashford Lakes Association Garage Sale will be on Friday and Saturday – May 30th & 31st.  Like always, we do the garage sale on the weekend before the start of Canal Days. Several other Association have their garage sales at the same time. Pinestone’s is scheduled for that same time and I’d be glad to publish any other neighborhood’s notices – just make a comment to this post.  Please be careful driving through the additions on those days. There will be a lot of garage sale fanatics jumping in and out.

Sewage Rate Hike

   City Council voted to pass the rate increase. You’ll notice it on your water bills this summer. I appreciate all the people who came out for the public hearing.  Most weren’t happy about the rate increase (the Council Persons weren’t happy about it either), but most everyone understood the reasons for the increase. There were a few people that left angry. There were also several neighbors that totally understood and supported the increase.  The City Utility Department will begin smoke testing downtown and in several additions as soon as the rain stops. The ground has to be dry enough for the smoke to filter through to reveal leaks. They are also rehabilitating man hole covers to help reduce the infiltration issues.
   The main reason for the increase are the skyrocketing invoices from the City of Fort Wayne for our sewage treatment. Part of the increases are because they continue to raise their sewage rates. Another issue is what the city calls I & I (inflow and infiltration). Inflow is clean water being sent into the sanitary system. It comes from people having downspouts and sump pumps hooked directly into the system. Infiltration is also clean water, but it’s getting into the system from pipe leaks and faulty man holes. Every home connects to the sanitary sewer system through a pipe (sewer laterals) from their homes to the main line (usually under the street). Homes built before the mid-80’s used clay tile pipe to make these connections. Those are notorious for breaking, leaking, and letting roots grow into them. The smoke testing will help us determine the worst of these pipes. In addition to smoke testing, the city has video equipment that can look into the pipe for obstructions and failures.
   This problem isn’t going to be solved overnight.  If we can get most of the downspouts and sump pumps disconnected from the sanitary system, and continue to improve our pipes and manholes, hopefully we can limit increases in the future.  Long term plans call for building a facility that will handle excess water from heavy rain events. But that’s a ways off and very expensive to build. I’ll keep you posted on any future plans.

Have a great week and let’s keep our fingers crossed for warmer weather again.  I’m pretty much done with winter.



  1. I live on Bridgewood CT and I have my 80 yr old father living with me that is in a wheelchair. Last summer we tried to go for a stroll around the subdivision. It was a nightmare! Not only were we forced to the street because people had the sidewalks blocked with their vehicles but I almost lost my dad out of the wheelchair when trying to get into the street. These corner walkways are not at all handicap excessible. Needless to say, dad and I haven’t gone on anymore walks. SAD !

    • Sorry to hear about your difficulties Kelly. The city is working on making all our sidewalks and corners ADA compliant. Last year, sections 1-4 of Scarborough had the corners done as well as leveling the sidewalks. Since you’re in section 5 and it was constructed several years later, the streets/sidewalks weren’t scheduled to be improved yet. When that does happen, all the sidewalks/corners will be updated. As far as people blocking the sidewalks – that’s just a consideration issue. Maybe they don’t realize it, but more likely don’t care.

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