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Hello, since my previous blog service was discontinued, I’ve rebuilt the blog.  I’m sending this to a list of subscribers that I had saved from this year and propects.  If you don’t want the monthly emails, just click on the Unsubscribe button. You can also edit your information if you’d like.   Click on “read more” to see this months (and previous) blog.



  1. I have recently moved to Ashford Lakes. I believe you said at the picnic in July that you can supply me with a list of homeowners in this addition? I would appreciate that very much! Thanks!

    • Hi Jeri, I sent a link to our directory to your personal email. It’s only available to residents of Scarborough or Ashford Lakes, so I didn’t want to publish it on an open forum.

      Thanks and welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. Great way to keep all informed and get comments and opinions on issues. Keep up the good work Craig.

  3. Thanks for continuing with this blog, Craig. I enjoy your take on this & that.

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My name is Craig Dellinger. I created this blog as a way to communicate with my neighbors and to receive their feedback and input on community issues. I'm the 3rd District City Councilman in New Haven, as well as the President of New Haven Print. I'm also the current President of the Lakes of Scarborough / Ashford Lakes Community Association.

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