Werling Park now has a newly paved walkway.

As part of the street renovation projects going on in New Haven right now, Werling Park is having it’s walking path repaved. The initial trail was constructed by the Park Department a few years ago using asphalt grindings from a road project.  The new surface will be nice and smooth.  Look for more improvements to Werling Park as the budget allows.  Please come over and enjoy the new trail. Thanks to Mike Clendenen for the photos.

werling1 werling2


Single County Administrator Public Meeting

Join us on Wednesday night, August 27, to hear information and ask questions about the Single County Executive referendum being voted on this November 4.  The event will be held at Park Hill Learning Center Auditorium – 1000 Prospect Avenue here in New Haven at 6:00 P.M.  Panelists will include former State Representative Matt Bell, County Commissioner Nelson Peters, and representatives from No To One P.A.C.  Panelists will answer questions submitted by the audience.  This is a great chance to hear opinions from both sides of the issue.  Hope to see you there.