Last Fall, we formed the New Haven Community Foundation. Your donation to the Foundation makes a lasting impact – right here. The Foundation acts as a community savings account. By collecting contributions from people who care about our area, investing those funds carefully and building a healthy endowment, we can use the investment income to help meet our community’s most pressing needs. The idea behind our Foundation is simple: Build a substantial endowment from contributions – both large and small – and use the income it generates to improve the quality of life in New Haven.

We’ll make your investment grow instantly!

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne has offered $100,000 of matching funds from the Lilly Endowment to help grow the New Haven Community Foundation. Every dollar of contributions we raise will have a 50% match added to it. If we can raise $200,000 by the end of 2015, the Lilly Endowment fund will match $100,000. This is a huge opportunity to grow our Foundation for the future of New Haven.

We are thrilled to announce that Bob Taylor, President of Do-it Best has agreed to be our first major corporate sponsor. They are committing $25,000 which will grow to $37,500 with the Lilly Match.  The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne has been serving our area since 1922. We’re very excited about partnering with them. They will handle the investments, taxes, and administration of our New Haven fund.  The New Haven Community Foundation is an independent organization, but will work closely with the City of New Haven and the New Haven Chamber of Commerce to enhance our community.

What’s an Endowment?

An endowment fund in your name, family name or that of a loved one is a lasting way to support your favorite charitable causes throughout your life, leaving a legacy long after you’re gone. It’s a great way to pass on the lessons of philanthropy to your children . . . and theirs. An endowment is a tax-favored charitable fund that is designed to last forever. The principal amount of the fund — your charitable gift — is prudently invested and preserved. As investment earnings accumulate, grants are made to scholarships, directed projects, or activities in the New Haven area. Typically a portion of the investment earnings are retained and added to the principal, causing the balance of the endowment fund to grow over time.

Donations to the New Haven Community Foundation are managed and invested by the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne with a 501c3 tax deduction status. If you have questions or want to help, please call Craig Dellinger (260) 460-7161 or Charlie Hatten at the New Haven Chamber office (260) 749-4484.